Suggestion: Modernize Select Behavior

  • Double click should highlight word delimited by spaces then shift arrow key to select adjacent words(shift right to include word to right(delimited by space) shift left to include word to left), and triple click to select entire line.

    Windows does this on some versions of new windows but they keep changing it up. Still I think this is the new way select works and its the most intuitive and easy to use none of that annoying holding down mouse select to get the cursor inbetween the right characters. Considerably drops the stress level of using any text editor.

  • Also it doesnt highlight entire links(delimits by all periods and special characters should select all contiguous characters and only delimit or stop at spaces).
    The Settings delimiter is buggy and after making the first box empty I cannot change it back to a ( again for some reason.
    Notepad++ is close to the functionality I described above but shift + ctrl + left and right arrow once again stop at all non alphabet characters. Seems like jumping to spaces is faster and easier…

  • Also maybe delimiter settings should be upgraded so we can delimit by any characters we want in there would be nice if we could add different ctrl double click behavior to be delimited by double spaces or other double characters… How are we supposed to put a space in the delimiter box? just leave it empty? also will it still limit by special characters or does it only adhere to the delimiters we input?

  • @ColdFlo

    Probably not the best place to make your suggestions.
    See here for a more detailed explanation.

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