Notepad++ doesnt have "Launch"

  • Hello,
    I recently downloaded notepad++ only my version does not have the “Launch” command so I can launch the file I am coding. Can someone tell me how I can enable this? This is the FIRST I am using notepadd++ in about 4 years, so I have no idea what to do and google didnt help at all.

  • @Mahdy-El

    What would you like to launch?
    Please give us more information.
    In addition, post the debug-info, which is available from the ? menu(the last menu item).

  • @Mahdy-El ,

    To add to what @Ekopalypse said…

    the FIRST I am using notepadd++ in about 4 years

    Notepad++ had some major upgrades in that time. :-) One feature that got moved was that there used to be Run > Launch in Chrome and similar for other browsers – given your phrasing, this is the feature I think you are remembering. In the more-recent versions, a similar feature is found in View > View Current File In > Chrome

    (This answer of course assumes you are working on web-style “code”. If you want to launch some other external app, there are ways to do it. But then, like Eko said, you will need to tell us what you’re doing, rather than making us guess.)

  • The version I used to use had a “Run” tab, where if you hover over it, it would say: “Run in Chrome”, “Run in FireFox”, etc… Now, this is all it shows and when I click “Run”, it doesn’t run my file in Chrome, this is all it does -

  • @Mahdy-El ,

    Um, yes, that’s what I told you. That feature you described has been replaced by the View > View Current File In > Chrome.

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