Want Save for new doc to use first line of text for filename

  • I’m wondering if there’s a plugin that will use the text in the first line of a new doc as the name when I do the first save. The first line of many of my text files is the title, and that would make a good filename too. I’ve done some searching but can’t find a plugin that does this. I think it would be easy to write for someone who writes N++ plugins.

  • @Doug-Rogers

    I don’t think that you have something like
    d:\some_dir\MY_TITLE as the first line of your doc, do you?

    It would be quite easy to create a python script to make
    this work, the only open question is how it should behave.

  • Normally when you save a Word doc for the first time it gives you a suggested file name and it is usually the first line in the document. I wish NP++ had this feature, or a plugin which will do this.

    For example, if I write a doc such as:
    Do List for Thursday
    item 1
    item 2
    Then when I first do Save or Save As… I’d like the save dialog to be pre-loaded with “Do List for Thursday.txt” as the default filename.

  • @Doug-Rogers

    Okay, if you want this inside npp, you’re going to need to create a
    feature request, read up here, but make clear how it shouldn’t affect the current behaviour.
    Perhaps by adding a setting that can be enabled or disabled.

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