My 2 cents about Notepad++ (i really2 love notepad++)

  • Hello people,

    I am web programmer.
    And I admit im heavy user of Notepad++.
    With current rapid development of programming languange, there is so many other editor or to be precise IDE softwares that programmer can use to write programs.

    I am PHP programmer thus i dont need special editor such as dot net or others
    I could use VSCode which currently unbelievably popular. Everytime I open YT tutorial, they will use VSCODE.
    I tried use them but they cant beat Notepad++.

    Notepad++ has the best regex for find and replace
    Notepad++ has best FTP tools in the world which that the main reason why I came back to Notepad++ after a week using VSCode. This one little thing enough to make me thinking VSCode < Notepad++

    But if Notepad++ could read this. I promise notepad++ will beat VSCode completely if

    1. Notepad++ has intellisensefor Laravel blade and laravel which Laravel is the best PHP framework so far

    2. Notepad++ able to create new file and new folder from workspace by just right click on any folder from workspace. Currently im just using right click folder and cmd using command.

    3. Change this icon from workspace to a better one or remove it

    4. And build in find folder function which currently Im using plugin Open File in Solution which need Solution plugin to running and setup using Solution UI plugin. So many dependencies but it all workout and I can bind Hotkey to open plugins which is really really cool.

    If Notepad++ add these functions, I believe, Notepad++ will be no. 1 programmer choice. Just my 2 cents. Later guys. Thanks for the awesome product. I appreciate this software very much.

  • @Haqim-Zuhari

    You have a better chance to see your ideas implemented if
    you are going to open a feature request.

  • @Haqim-Zuhari said in My 2 cents about Notepad++ (i really2 love notepad++):

    Change this icon from workspace to a better one or remove it

    This topic has already been asked by me, and the author of Notepad ++ does not want to delete these curved icons))

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