Notepad++ RC 7.8.9


    Notepad++ v7.8.9 Enhancements & bug-fixes:

    1. Fix Line operations (join lines, split lines, remove duplicate lines and sort lines) doing one too many lines issue.
    2. Fix the regression of jump line failure via command line (-n).
    3. Fix URL Hovered colour disappears after modifying any Clickable Link Settings regression.
    4. Fix URL is not clickable in certain stuation while wrapped is enabled.
    5. Fix “Save” not working in Windows dialog.
    6. Fix Flickering cursor after double clicking a found line in find results.
    7. Fix Found line may not be centered by double clicking in find results, if word wrap is on.
    8. Fix wrong horizontal scroll bar position after restoring Window position.
    9. Fix Find result window output TAB-width incoherent issue.

  • Just found the version number is 7.8.8 instead of 7.8.9 in About Box.
    Find new RC 2 here:

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