Issues while saving a file

  • Steps to repro:

    1. Open Notepad++
    2. Click on New
    3. Right Click on the new sheet and click on Save As
    4. Observe that Notepad++ app crashes.

  • @Best-Sellers

    Your steps don’t really “repro” all that well.

    1. Click on New

    What does this mean?
    Toolbar button for new document?:


    That is the only thing on the UI (without doing more actions that you haven’t described) that would give a “New” behavior.

    1. Right Click on the new sheet and click on Save As

    If I right click on the new “sheet” I get no option to Save As:


    However, if I right-click on the tab of the sheet (but you didn’t say that, so I’m confused) I get that option:


    But choosing it I get no crash, I get:


    And then continuing on to save the file I still get no crash, thus to:

    1. Observe that Notepad++ app crashes.

    I say “I can’t reproduce”.

    I’m doing all this on N++ 7.8.8.
    Does it make sense that you should have also told us what version you are using?

    At this point I have to point you HERE.

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