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  • Hi, love Notepad++,
    This is a suggestion. Wouldn’t dare to make a request for such a great product that I get to use for free :)
    The suggestion is to show some feedback at the bottom (similar to the feedback about which line and col you are at) to show the zoom you are using. Ideally would use a % as Word does. But I think showing the font size would work better for Notepad++.
    This is helpful for example when you work with two documents side-by-side and want to make them the same zoom.
    Thank you thank you!

  • @DevForFun

    A pythonscript solution could look like this

    from Npp import notepad, editor, editor1, editor2, NOTIFICATION, SCINTILLANOTIFICATION, STATUSBARSECTION
    def check_zoom_level():
        if notepad.isSingleView():
            zoom_level = 'zoom level: {}'.format(editor.getZoom())
            zoom_level = 'zoom level view0:{} view1:{}'.format(editor1.getZoom(), editor2.getZoom())
        notepad.setStatusBar(STATUSBARSECTION.DOCTYPE, zoom_level)
    def on_zoom(args):
    def on_buffer_activated(args):
    def main():
        notepad.callback(on_buffer_activated, [NOTIFICATION.BUFFERACTIVATED])
        editor.callbackSync(on_zoom, [SCINTILLANOTIFICATION.ZOOM])

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