Saving and restoring recorded macros.

  • Tell me. I somehow already searched and did not find the saved macros on the local machine. Neither the files nor the registry.

    Today, after reinstalling the OS with a complete wipe of the hard drive, I found that all the macros that I saved on the old computer were completely restored on the new one.

    Tell us how this is possible, and how I could transfer the saved macros to another computer?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • @Олег-Надыч ,

    As described in the official documents at , Macros are stored in shortcuts.xml. That file is saved in the same folder as all the other Notepad++ configuration files (including your preferences, file history, etc).

    • In a normal installation, they go in %AppData%\Notepad++\
    • In a normal installation with Settings > Preferences > Cloud enabled, they go in the DropBox/OneDrive/etc folder listed in that setting
    • In a portable copy, they go in the same folder as notepad++.exe

    So, if you copied one or more of those folders onto the new computer, then that’s how.

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