File association from menu as admin not working (np++ v7.8.9)

  • I have the latest NP++ (7.8.9) 64-bit, and Windows 7 64-bit.
    File association form np++ menu as administrator is not working.
    I used 4 registry cleaners to clean up my registry (including CCleaner).
    Nothing helped. Association works only if I do it from Windows association settings.
    Please help

  • @KantorZsolt ,

    Please post your ?-menu Debug Info.

    Do you mean that you tried to use Settings > Preferences > File Association while in Administrator mode, and it didn’t change anything?

    I rarely use any application’s “associate file extension x with me”; instead, I manually create the association from Windows (usually through regedit); this is especially important when you want to keep the non-default verbs (alternative right-click actions), so I don’t have much experience with this specific Notepad++ setting.

    Do you know how to use regedit, which is the windows builtin registry editor? If so, you might need to look at the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hierarchy for the extension(s) you changed. If it doesn’t have any sensitive information, sharing a screenshot of the Notepad++ Settings > Preferences > File Association dialog and of the regedit result for one extension you tried to change. (Alt+PrintScreen will grab the current dialog or window; then Ctrl+V to paste in your reply.)

  • thanks for the quick reply.

    Notepad++ v7.8.9 (64-bit)
    Build time : Jul 15 2020 - 20:31:49
    Path : C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : OFF
    Local Conf mode : OFF
    OS Name : Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
    OS Build : 7601.24540
    Current ANSI codepage : 1252
    Plugins : DSpellCheck.dll NppConverter.dll NppExport.dll

    Yes, I mean I tried Settings > Preferences > File Association while in Administrator mode and did not changed anything.

    I never associated extensions from regedit. I always used np++ menu to do this, and in the past worked. I uninstalled np++ a few days ago and installed EditPlus and I made some file extensions like .c, .h to open with that editor. Now I uninstalled EditPlus and reinstalled np++, and only those extensions are affected that were associated with EditPlus.

    In HKEY_CURRENT_USER I can’t see any extension keys . . .

  • Problem fixed!!
    I just searched for the string editplus in my Windows registry and deleted every key and value that matched that string. Now I can associate and remove file extension association from NP++ menu!

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