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  • Hello, I have not posted a question previously at Notepad++ and am not a programmer.

    I have seen some google summaries of adding clickable links in a Notepad++ document. I want to add magnet links in an NFO formatted document. I have seen magnet links within regulkar received emails. But I don’t know how to highlight or by other means format a clickable magnet link in an NFO.

  • @lon-from-appleton ,

    Notepad++ has the ability to see a URL in the text and add a hyperlink when viewed in Notepad++, but it does not change the file itself, and if you viewed the file in some other viewer, that link is not necessarily embedded (unless the other viewer has the same feature). Settings > preferences > Misc has the Clickable Link Settings section.

    I don’t know what specifics there are on NFO files (I presume you mean the MS-DOS style text, often using box-drawing for simple graphics). My guess is that the “link” in that file is just a plain URL, which some NFO viewers might render as a link. You’d have to find a site with more NFO knowledge to know for sure, because how to add links to NFO files is an NFO question, not a Notepad++ question (because if it’s an inherent property of the NFO file type, then it doesn’t matter what editor you use to type the syntax: the syntax will be the same).

    As far as emails go: often, email programs encode the text as HTML or RTF and render the results when you read it, so it could be that the hyperlink is embedded there with normal HTML or RTF syntax – again, outside the purview of the Notepad++ forum) – or it might be that the email program is automatically adding links to raw URLs (or both).

  • @PeterJones

    I’m closing this as just a bad question due to my misunderstanding of live links. I’ll just block copy the
    whole source as text and leave it to others to copy and paste where they need it to their browser.

    Thanks for answering.


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