Allow user to change the title of a session

  • I would like the user to be able to change the title of a session,
    (optionally followed by the active file name)
    both interactively and via the command-line.
    In that case you can more easily select the right session from the task bar.

  • @Hans-v-Buitenen ,

    Your questions seem more about wanting changes, rather than asking for help. You should know that, as described in the Feature Request FAQ, this forum isn’t the place to request new features, because the developer doesn’t look for feature requests in the forum, and issues cannot be tracked in the forum. If you do make a feature request, make sure you post a link into the original conversation here, so that others who read this forum can track the progress of the request.

    That said, it is generally a good idea to discuss the problems you are having in this forum, especially if you’re willing to accept the workarounds or alternates – even if it’s not the ideal for you. But your first topic which I responded to tends to indicate you aren’t willing to accept alternates to your way of thinking, which is likely to your detriment as a Notepad++ user.


    Regarding this specific issue, sessions don’t currently have titles, so there’s nothing to change. Filenames are a good place to store the name of the session. The taskbar names are the name of the active file, so you could just select the NPP instance with the file from the session you want.

    Personally, I don’t use multiple sessions, and only use multi-instance mode when I’m helping someone on the forum debug a multi-instance issue, or when I am using Notepad++ to edit my SVN commit messages (ie, I forgot -m "..." during my svn commit – and thus, it’s being used to edit a single file without messing up my single existing session), so I’m not the best person to reply to this… but no one else seems to be chiming in, so I thought I’d say something. However, Plugins > Plugins Admin has a Session Manager plugin available (it’s website is here), which may help you better handle sessions than you currently are. (or maybe you’re already using it, and it doesn’t do everything you need it to; I cannot know, because you haven’t mentioned such).

    If anyone else with more session expertise wants to chime in, I won’t be offended.

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