Change how Notepad++ handles non existing files from a session

  • Hi, i’m 100% sure how this works, but i experience that if i open a saved session, that contains non existing files, for instance because the location of the project was changed, that all the files are deleted from the session.
    I would like more control over this behavior.
    For instance, a question like “Delete non existing files from the session?”
    Or “xx file does not exist”
    These session files contain information and i don’t like it if the content is deleted on touching them. It frequently occurs that i have to reassemble a session.
    Now i have to use a script that checks the session file before passing it to notepad++ which i think is insane.

  • @Hans-v-Buitenen ,

    Your questions seem more about wanting changes, rather than asking for help. You should know that, as described in the Feature Request FAQ, this forum isn’t the place to request new features, because the developer doesn’t look for feature requests in the forum, and issues cannot be tracked in the forum. If you do make a feature request, make sure you post a link into the original conversation here, so that others who read this forum can track the progress of the request.

    That said, it is generally a good idea to discuss the problems you are having in this forum, especially if you’re willing to accept the workarounds or alternates – even if it’s not the ideal for you. But your first topic which I responded to tends to indicate you aren’t willing to accept alternates to your way of thinking, which is likely to your detriment as a Notepad++ user.


    Regarding this specific question: the reason why Notepad++ deletes non-existent files from a session is because it doesn’t make sense to try to open files that don’t exist. I don’t have experience with other editors’ session files, so I don’t know whether they keep non-existent files in the session, but such doesn’t make sense to me. When a file has been moved/renamed, it’s not really the same file anymore (from the perspective of a session). It’s not like a popup which says “this file doesn’t exist” will magically fix the session file. Honestly, I think the best solution is for you to fix the session file before trying to load the session.

    But if you really want to do a feature request, I would lobby for just a warning from Notepad++ “the files xxx, yyy, and zzz have been removed from the session file; if they have been moved or renamed, you are responsible to add them back and re-save the session [OK]”.

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