Better Big Icons

  • Hi I am bringing material design to npp++!

    Notice that Plugins also can show Big Icons, and added a default one.

    Unfortunately, the custom toolbar plugin is not open source, otherwise I can do better.

  • More icons needed!

    Please send me svg icons、android vector drawables、or simply 32x32 pngs if you would like to help.

  • @KnIfER ,

    It’s great that you’re taking the initiative on this!

    However, I caution you that the developer has shown a reluctance in the past to edit icons; if you do not have his buy-in (after starting an official issue), he is not likely to approve your Pull Request.

    If you already have buy-in, great! Ignore this warning, and good luck.

    Otherwise, I would hate to see you put a lot of effort into this, only to have it rejected. That way lies madness. So I suggest getting buy-in before putting more effort into it.

    (It would be polite for you to provide a link to the issue and/or incomplete PR to this topic, so others here can track this.)

  • @PeterJones I am going to release my own packages. If the maintainers want some of it’s features, theys can just take it .

    Here is my fork :

  • @KnIfER ,

    Ah, okay.

    This forum is for discussion of the official Notepad++, and not for forks or similar/competing products. Any further discussion of your fork should take place in your github or other channels that you define, rather than using this forum.

    Though if you ever have comments/discsussion relevant to the mainstream Notepad++, feel free to participate here. I am sure by developing a derivative, you will have great insight into the original.

    Good luck with your endeavors.

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