Plugin Admin should allow installing from downloads

  • I had some problem with pythonscript 3.0.3, so I have to go back to 1.5.4

    I downloaded pythonscript v1.5.4 from github and installed in directly in windows, but that didn’t update my npp working, and npp plugin admin still showed 3.0.3 and then plugin admin even crashed when I ran my script.

    Then I uninstalled ps from within plugin admin, and reinstalled it from within plugin admin.

    Though I already had huge download plugin msi file, plugin admin still went ahead and downloaded it afresh and installed it.

    I think this compusion to directly download and install should be removed.

    Plugin Admin should allow installing from downloads kept in hard disk.

    This is even more imortant as Plugin Admin will always download and install latest version (i don’t see any method in plugin admind to choose and install any older version of a plugin),

    But as I am having problem wil ps 3 or later, I want to stick with ps 1.5.4, but plugin admin will go ahead and download and installe 3.0.3, that will break my working script. Then I have no method of installing ps 1.5.4 even when I have kept it safe on my harddisk.

    So, there should be option in download to select a harddisk based file, instead of download latest version of a plugin.



  • The above is rather scattershot and hard to follow, but I think what is being said is that Plugins Admin installed Pythonscript 3.0.3 for the OP.

    I found that startling because to my understanding Pythonscript 3.x is still in “pre-release” state (I thought there were some final hurdles that needed to be overcome), and indeed this POSTING bears that out.

    It’s “startling” because to me it doesn’t make sense to make a pre-release version the standard for an update-for-the-masses mechanism such as Plugins Admin provides.

    Or maybe I’m misinterpreting what the OP said. Hard to be sure.

  • @Alan-Kilborn interpreted:

    I think what is being said is that Plugins Admin installed Pythonscript 3.0.3 for the OP.

    The Plugins Admin does not install v3.0.3.

    If that is what he was trying to say, then he was wrong.

    both of those show quite clearly that the nppPluginList points at the v1.5.4 download, as it should.

    What happened was that @V-S-Rawat already had 3.0.3-alpha installed; when he tried to install v1.5.4 somehow (he isn’t clear whether he did it through Windows or Plugins Admin) that Plugins Admin still showed that v3.0.3 was installed. My guess is that if he tried with Plugins Admin, it doesn’t downgrade a plugin to an earlier version, so v3.0.3 was still there. Or my other guess would be that he tried to manually install v1.5.4 without first deleting v3.0.3, so there was some conflict between the plugin DLL and the python DLL, or some such, causing the crash.

    Now, replying to the OP:

    @V-S-Rawat wrote:

    plugin admin will go ahead and download and installe 3.0.3

    No, it did not. Plugin Admin just couldn’t fix the mess you’d made by all your manual installation without uninstalling previous versions. You cannot blame that on Plugins Admin.

    Plugins Admin will not install a newer version until the plugin maintainer issues a PR to the nppPluginList , and until that version of nppPluginList gets distributed with the subsequent version of Notepad++. There is no version of Notepad++ currently existing which has a Plugins Admin that will install v3.0.3.

    Plugin Admin will always download and install latest version

    Wrong again. Plugins Admin will only download the one version that is hardcoded into nppPluginList for that version of Notepad++. They have not yet implemented the feature which will allow nppPluginList to be updated without releasing a new version of Notepad++.

    Plugins Admin is a tool, and you have to know how to use that tool.

    If you don’t want to install the version of a plugin that Plugins Admin lists as available, then it is your responsibility to install it correctly manually, and your responsibility to download a copy that is compatible with your version of Notepad++, and your responsibility to make sure it’s compatible with any pre-existing config files (or, in the case of PythonScript, scripts that you’ve written), and your responsibility to clean up the mess when something goes wrong.

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