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  • SourceForge was a good place; unfortunately, sometimes good places don’t last. It was a privileged spot for Notepad++'s users to share their thoughts and to contribute. We now need more appropriate tools to focus our efforts on improving Notepad++. GitHub is now the central platform for development and bug reporting. Even recently gitter.im was integrated for online chatting. But this is not enough, the community still needs its meeting place.

    Luckily NodeBB has found us. We love its sober design, efficiency and both rich/minimalist features. Come as you are, and use your (Facebook | Google+ | Github | Twitter) account to join us.
    We are sure that you will enjoy it!

  • Just joined! this is a nice place and i love NP++!

  • I’m really exited for this comunity! Keep up the good work

  • Nice. Keep it up. :D

  • Guess its a good occasion to state how happy I am with notepad++.

    I’ve used it for all kind of projects and not only for code but for writing down ideas and other stuff. It has even served me for organizing my thoughts and even for writing scripts for mods and scenarios of games. I’ve done webpages, applications, games, and all sorts of things on it. It got to the point that it was one of the first things I installed last time I changed computer.

    Keep up the good work and keep making it the supreme tool for your average developer!

  • Nice idea. Looks great on mobile.

  • Congratulations! I’m happy to see the new Notepad++ community. I like the new fresh design and the stable accessibility. It was a good decision to move away from SourceForge. I moved with my NPP plugins to GitHub too now.

  • Thanks don and milipili for the work to get this up and running. It certainly is a beautiful and easy to use forum!!

  • Thanks for fixing this quickly :) UI is pretty slick as well :)

  • Thanks for all the effort you must have put into setting this up at short notice!

    I HATE downloading software only to discover that I have also installed some total garbage on to my PC - so I totally endorse your decision to leave SourceForge because of what they are now doing.

  • This is great! Never seen NodeBB before, it’s neat. :)

  • G’day Folks,

    I have only had the opportunity to use Notepad++ 16 or more times as I was / am, used to the standard “Notepad” and the use of a very old “Registry Crawler”, the later allowed me to scan the registry for anything I needed to find in the registry (faster than the Find in the standard Regedit) and edit and or delete all entries pertaining to the search.

    This was a very handy tool when an “uninstall” failed to correctly do so subsequently not being able to re-install or install a newer version of the same program because of the remnants left behind by the failed uninstall. I would then use the “Registry Crawler” to find all remaining traces, showing all of them at once, i.e. displaying all traces, then delete them, re-boot and the then re-install or install of the newer version which then would succeed.

    The original Author of this program has disappeared of the www and having tried to find him over the years (since 2005) has come up empty.

    I still have the original installation files and a Key Gen for the “Registry Crawler” program, since once upon a time a had close dealing with the Author, so I feel that there is nothing illegal about what I have received from the original Author.

    Others have attempted to do something similar however have not succeeded in coming close to the functionality of the original Registry Crawler.

    Registry Crawler works fine up to Win 7 and then after that in Win 8 / 8.1 we need to install and run it in Win 7 compatible mode and it works fine except some editing is not active. This however could be fixed, I feel, by someone that can work with the RC codes.

    If this functionality of the “Registry Crawler” could be built;t int the Notepad++, I think we would end up with a very enhance Notepad++(+)

    Don.H. if you are interested in looking into this, I am only to happy to provide you with the download links for RC and it’s KG and instruction notes that I have developed myself as to how to install the RC and how to configure it to obtain the best results from it.

    Sorry Folk, I will only provide the download links to Don.H. !!!

    Roger H. / pcbugfixer

  • Wow, NodeBB looks so refreshing. Thanks for this change. An awesome looking community center for an awesome editor.

  • Hello World, NotePad++ deserves to have its own site :) I love it.

  • It’s great to see that you have a new home. Keep up the good work. I’ve gotten a lot of my clients to change to using NotePad++ over the years.


  • Thank you for all the hard work and dedication. Notepad++ has always stood pretty much alone. Excelsior!

  • Joined, and this forum software is looking amazing XD

  • It is an improvement if only from a clean organizational approach. I hope the document sharing will work out similarly. These long distance relationships are challenging enough w/o tools to help facilitate cohesive organization. I don’t see translation, a wip I assume.

    Good move.

  • Looks great. Great move by shifting from Sourceforge. Also just discovered NodeBB. Looks really nice.

  • @Roger-Hass
    Hi Rogger! I would be warmly interested in the RC. Would it be possible to provide the links also to me? Thanks :)

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