Deleted the file, how can I restore it?

  • Hello there! Accidentally deleted a Notepad text document from my laptop. How can I restore it?

  • @Кристина-Д

    depending on your setup and the last state of the file it could be
    that you have a backup in the, you guessed it, backup folder.
    If it isn’t there anymore, you might see if tools like recuva can help you.

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    Follow this steps,To Deleted the file, how can I restore it?

    Step 1:- Find Notepad ++ backup location on PC. Open a new Notepad ++ file, click on “Settings” > “Preference”. …
    Step 2:- Find Notepad ++ backups for lost files. …
    Step 3:- Save and restore lost Notepad ++ files.

    I hope this information will be userful.
    Thank you.

  • Hi, you can restore the deleted word files for the backup folder, but if the files not there then try a free utility program like recuva, stellar data recovery free edition, tesdisk. These utility programs are able to recover deleted files efficiently. Thanks

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