Notepad++ 7.9 RC4

  • Notepad++ v7.9 RC4:

    Different from the RC3:

    • Change a comment symbol for properties file in lang.model.xml
    • New binary names for .zip & .7z
    • nppPluginList v1.2.5 (instead of v1.2.4) for including a new version of HexEdit (crash bug fixed)

    Notepad++ v7.9 Enhancements & bug-fixes:

    1. Add the ability to open the target file of a Shortcut (*.lnk).
    2. Enhance side panels behaviour: close a single panel instead of the entire stack.
    3. Fix Monitoring & document auto-update not scrolling to the end of the file with Word wrap enabled issue.
    4. Fix mouse cursor flicker while hovering URLs.
    5. Add back hovered blue underlined URLs.
    6. Enhance C++, Perl, Python parsers and add VHDL in Function List.
    7. Improve some ambiguous commands naming in Shortcut Mapper.
    8. Add an option to prevent right click from canceling selection.
    9. Add ability to sort lines randomly.
    10. Fix “Close All BUT this” looses current document data issue.
    11. Allow user to start making a stream selection and then change to column block (by pressing ALT key).
    12. Add word wrap option to find results context menu.
    13. Add keyboard navigation ability to Column Editor.
    14. Add keyboard shortcut ability to Projects, Folder as Workspace and Function List for switching among these panels.
    15. Enable project panels toggle from menu.
    16. Enhance Folder as Workspace to restore latest selected item of last session on Notepad++ startup.
    17. Fix inaccurate line margin update with word wrap enabled.
    18. Fix Find previous/next commands not scroll vertically to show match result issue (with word wrap disabled).
    19. Fix column key sort with col block starting in col1 bug.
    20. Add confirmation preference for Replace All in All Opened Documents operation.
    21. Add Escape keypress in functionlist searchbox to clear its text.
    22. Add RTL capability to localized messageboxes.
    23. Make (Find) dlgAlwaysVisible a true Preference setting.
    24. Fix sorting by column key using incorrect key values.
    25. Add search scope to Find window status bar output.
    26. Fix false hit result in Find in Finder.
    27. Prevent redundant line data copy in Finder.

  • @donho

    Hi Don, I’m just curious when case insensitive sorting will find its way into Notepad++, now that it appears to be available in the repository?

  • @donho

    Since some people don’t seem to understand the protocol of the “Release Candidate” announcement threads, and use it as a place to ask general questions that aren’t related to issues with the RC, and can’t seem to take a hint, I suggest adding this at the bottom of future RC announcements:

    Please post to this thread only if you have a critical issue to report with this release candidate version.

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    @Alan-Kilborn said in Notepad++ 7.9 RC4:

    Please post to this thread only if you have a critical issue to report with this release candidate version.

    You act up as if this forum is your personal place or you are an entitled moderator. Obviously, it is you who require a hint.

    You certainly do now how to spread an atmosphere of unwelcomeness. Thanks for that.

  • @deus-ex

    The release or RC announcements are focused on gathering the critical bugs or regressions, so @Alan-Kilborn has his point.
    Regarding your question, you can ask directly in the PR - I cannot watch all issues on Github, but I check the PR for sure.
    To reply your question, normally it’ll be in v7.9.1, if the PR is accepted. If you have other questions, let’s talk in the PR thread. :)

  • No regression shows, time for a new release!

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