Enable dark screen mode.

  • I suggest the inclusion of the screen activation functionality in dark mode, as a wide range of applications are making available.

  • @Daniel-Gonçalves-Jr ,

    Please note that this forum is a forum of users of Notepad++. Feature requests are not effective here; but we have a FAQ explaining where and how to make feature requests.

    I am not 100% sure what you mean by “screen activation functionality”.

    From a general “dark mode” sense: Please note that there have been multiple requests for a truer “dark mode”, both here and in the correct issues tracker mentioned in the FAQ, with nothing happening on it. A likely reason is that the codebase was created when “dark mode” wasn’t such a thing, so the right hooks weren’t made in the code to make it easy to implement; at this point, it’s probably a huge effort, and the developers have not prioritized such an extreme effort.

    However, if you search other recent “dark mode” threads, you will see that there are Windows settings that can be changed which will influence the color of the UI portions of Notepad++, which may or may not give you what you want.

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