Error in comments.

  • I created my own language, but the comments don’t work properly:
    What do I have to change to make it appear correctly?

    Greetings, Matthias

  • @Matthias-Steiner ,

    You haven’t shown us enough about your UDL, because if I have just the sections you showed us, I get
    …that is, the comments all properly highlight.

    My guess is that your comments are actually nested in something else (a delimiter, or a folding section, or similar), but that the Styler for that element doesn’t allow nesting of comments.

    Without your complete UDL definition, I cannot tell you more specifically which element needs to enable the nesting for comments/block-comments. … But hopefully, this is enough for you to figure it out on your own, or you will share more info with us. Good luck

  • 253/5000
    Ok, I did, but to no avail.
    I’ve now realized that it must have something to do with the Delimiters. Because if I enter “#” as the end, it works. But that would not be the right way, as that is certainly not always the end …

  • @Matthias-Steiner

    Delimiter work best if they are defined with start/end tags.
    If other parts are within a delimiter try playing with nesting (available via styler button) to see if this solves your issues.

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