Documentation suggestion: reload XML autocomplete file after editing

  • Is this the right place to report Notepad++ bugs or enhancement suggestions?

    I am customizing the XML autocomplete configuration file, Notepad++\autoCompletion\xml.xml. I am running NPP 7.9 32-bit on Windows 10. I discovered the following undocumented behavior.

    After I edited and saved xml.xml, my customizations had no effect. I continued to see autocomplete suggestions that I had deleted from xml.xml, and I did not see my new autocomplete suggestions.

    The customizations took effect when I temporarily changed the Language setting of another file from XML to HTML, and then immediately back to XML. The customizations now work as expected. I presume that changing the Language setting caused NPP to reload xml.xml.

    I reproduced the behavior several times.

    For comparison, I tried customizing the HTML autocomplete file, html.xml. My customizations took effect immediately. I did not have to reload.

    Maybe the above tip should be added to the autocomplete documentation page (

  • @David-Shaked ,

    If there were truly a bug, then it wouldn’t go here for the official reporting and tracking; there is a FAQ which explains where bug reports go if you want them officially noticed and tracked.

    However, it is best to come here and confirm first, which is what you did, so ++@David-Shaked

    In this case, it’s not a bug, at least from the way I understood your description.

    When you edit any Notepad++ config file (including the autocompletion files), there is a sequence defined in the user manual ( as the only reliable sequence to get the changes to take effect. If you follow any other sequence, you might get surprising results, or your changes might get overwritten.

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