How to get text and/or scintilla handle for background file?

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  • @Alan-Kilborn Yep, you continue to reply your none-constructive words; anyone else make any sense out of what this persn and it’s crap?

  • @KnIfER said in How to get text and/or scintilla handle for background file?:

    just leave and dont reply if you don’t like @Derek Brown’s ideas

    People are allowed to express their opinion in this forum, even you.

    And, as a reminder,

    • if you have a feature request, this forum is not the place to make it official. You can repeat loudly about how easy it is to implement to your heart’s content, but if there hasn’t been an official feature request in the github, it is not official and nothing will be done about it.
    • if you have the skills to implement such a fix easily – and you have now claimed that you do – then implement it and provide a Pull Request to get it incorporated
    • if you have the skills but are unwilling to do the work, then it is your own fault the codebase isn’t updated

    It’s now up to you: either put in the feature request, preferrably with a suggested implementation, or it’s your own fault that nothing has happened. Either way, you need to understand that no amount of arguing with the forum regulars here in a discussion forum will accomplish anything other than to annoy readers of this discussion.

  • Even you are allowed to express your opinion this forum, glad to know!

    It’s a shame because you probably have some good ideas to share.

    What’s your shame, why did you blame me?

  • @KnIfER said in How to get text and/or scintilla handle for background file?:

    You words are so long and I can bearly understand all of them. XD

    Are you saying I use words with too many letters in them? Or that I string together too many words?

    I will admit that I am wordy. I do that to try to eliminate ambiguity and make things clear. If you aren’t a native English speaker, then maybe my sentence structure becomes too complex. (But I know there are forum regulars who are non-native English speakers, so it’s not impossible to understand me. has a translator that some think does a better job that google translate, if you are looking for recommendations.) I find that if I try to limit myself to short sentences, it does not accurately convey my ideas.

    But I will try:

    You appear to have some coding skills.
    You claim to know how to do this easily.
    What stops you from putting in a feature request?
    What stops you from putting in a pull request?

    Direct insults are not tolerated in this forum. Saying “some alien person” or “this person and its crap” are direct insults. Direct insults will be downvoted.

  • I’ve mixed you two ( PeterJones and Alan Kilborn ) into one. I thought I was talking to one person…

  • Saying “this person and its crap” are direct insults. I agree and regret.

    I am interested in how to integrate IE control in a win32 plugin and display in-memory contents ( in this case scintilla buffers ). It seems that the existing HTML previewer is written in Delphi. Delphi is completely strange to me.

  • Getting background text shouldn’t be too difficult, if not easy. You need to deal with pointers, and various encodings. But if you want a quick working example to proof your concept, you can modify the NPP source code, like below:

  • @KnIfER said in How to get text and/or scintilla handle for background file?:

    But if you want a quick working example

    I don’t want it. If you want the feature, you have to make a feature request. After you make a feature request, explain there how you think it should be implemented. Or better, do an actual pull request to ask to have your code put directly into the notepad++ source code.

    This forum doesn’t change the codebase. Telling me how to do it won’t help anybody, because I am not one of the developers.

  • @PeterJones
    I was not replying to you. But I considered some more later. Would it be a safe feature, and should the developers consider whether such feature could be exploited by malicious softwares? Maybe it’s an unsafe plus an useless feature. So, just let it be.

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