Need to define more than 8 delimiters in my UDL.

  • Hi,

    I am coming from this website where I read “Just like in case of keywords, number of delimiter lists has been expanded to eight (as suggested by Don), if more is needed, please state so in discussion on Notepad++ forum.

    So, do you know if there is a mean to get at least 10 (or more!) delimiters in my User Defined Language?

    Thanks ;)


  • @s-p5 ,

    Not natively. And the UDL issues in the issue-tracker are notoriously not handled, so I doubt that putting in a feature request would help.

    You can add extra highlighting to a builtin lexer (like the HTML lexer) or to a User Defined Language (UDL) using regexes via the script that @Ekopalypse shares in his github repo. So you could add in your extra 2 (or more!) keyword types in regexes in that script.

  • @s-p5

    Just to make sure this was not overlooked, you can use multiple characters in a delimiter if desired.

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