File too big (2)

  • I was transferring one (1) file with the Transfer Wizard to a flash drive and in one second, every file in my documents was consumed. A file was created in the flash drive, 1,661,310 MB, called USMT2.UNC .
    It took me years to get it out of this zipped file.
    Now I can’t open it because the “too big for notepad” error comes up.
    Do I change the notepad default ? if so , how?
    Any suggestions appreciated.

  • @pspiersy said in File too big (2):


    Isn’t this a User State Migration file? It’s one that Windows creates when you are migrating from one PC to a new one. It will eventually restore the content of that file on a new system. Don’t try to open it with Notepad++ or you will likely destroy any ability to get back the data. This file is created by the USMT see:
    Only this program can recreate the content within back into their respective files.


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