NP++ not run with explorer plugin installed

  • Hi all,
    I use Np++ for a long time, but from 2 days not run. The cause: if I install rhe explorer plugin, NP++ not run. If move explorer.dll to disabled root, np++ start. I need explorer plugin to easy manage the files.
    If install other plugins, np++ work fine.

    ***** plugin detail *****
    Explorer plugin is a file browser. You can open whatever you want from it in Notepad++, just double click!
    Author: Jens Lorenz

    How to resolve this problem?


  • Hi,
    I’ve got exactly the same problem. If I put the exlporer.dll to the plugins folder, NP++ will not start correctly, i have to stop it with the task manager. If I delete the explorer.dll it starts fine. And it doesn’t matter which version of NP++ I try, always the same problem. But only with the explorer.dll, others work fine.

    Any hints?


  • Seems like it’s back. Not able to run either of the explorer plugins.

  • @George-Butiri See the Help forum. It’s related to Dropbox.

  • Thanks a lot Jeff, that’s an impressive solution, as it was driving me nuts with ( zipped the portable folder , executed it on 8 other computers, but not working on mine ) since the day I’ve crashed Np++ , dropbox might have updated silently meanwhile …

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