The Select folder window is positioned with Ok and Cancel buttons outside the screen

  • Using Notepad++ v7.9.1

    I have just recently been introduced to Notepad++, and I am very happy to have made this aquaintance. Great application!

    Having that said, I just ran into a recurring and unwanted window behaviour which I hope can be remedied:

    When using Find replace, and Find in files (CTRL + H, select “Find in files” tab, click on the […] button), the Select folder window is then presented with the lower part of the window outside the screen.

    Notepad++ seems to have a problem calculating the correct position in order to fit the window on screen.

    Is this a bug, or is there anything I can do to avoid this?

    Seemingly small problem, but when you have to do this repeatedly it gets a bit annoying.

  • @Mrtnkbg

    For me, the window you are talking about:


    always appears centered on the same monitor that the Find in Files window is on when the ... button is pressed.

    It is strange that it is not the same for you.

    BUT… In practice, with 5+ years of using Notepad++ constantly, I can’t recall ever having pressed this button before. And that version of the Browse for Folder window is so lame, I think it would be tortuous to use anyway. Perhaps consider changing your workflow so that you don’t have to use it?

    Hint: One of the best checkboxes on the Find in Files window is this one:


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