remove part of line

  • i have


    and i want delete first part of each line “trim…”,


    how to?

  • or better, how to remove part of txt with recursive text but different value? example:


    this is in case, unlike the previous post, the text to be deleted is not at the beginning of the line, but after other text, always on the same line, example:

    "some text","adc:artist:1bqxdqvUtPWZri43cKHac8, ddd:artist:41X1TR6hrK8Q2ZCpp2EqCz","text2","trim:track:70rFIfYN7lU6iTgUIVP42w",

  • Hi @cisco779k

    This regex may work in the examples you provided:

    Search: (?-s)"trim:.+?",
    Replace: [Leave empty]

    Please don’t forget to take a look to the regex FAQ I suggested you before. Thank you

    Have fun!

  • many tanxs for your reply!

  • @cisco779k

    You have asked several regex data transformation questions on the forum. Give us all some “tanxs” by putting in the effort to learn why @astrosofista 's technique worked on your data, so that in the future you can maybe solve this type of problem (a fairly simple one) without coming here for help.

    Some nice resources are found HERE.

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