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  • It could be nice to have a way to do an historic of all opened tabs. like with the add-on ‘Tab session manager’ in Firefox. this way if you open a lot of files around a subject, and some others, you could register the active selection, with a menu to delete unwanted files entries. and call this historic later, to have all your wanted tab opened again. with a name of cession of course.

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    You can already save/load sessions, so what is the difference you are suggesting?

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    It could be nice to have … session manager…

    Notepad++ already natively supports sessions¹: File > Save Session… and File > Load Session… allow you to save and load any session files you want.

    However, one feature you mentioned was

    with a menu to delete unwanted files entries

    The native session handling does not allow you to pick-and-choose which tabs end up in a session file. However, the session files are XML-based, so once the session file is saved, you can open it as a text file, and delete any unwanted entries from the session file, and save the file. The next time you Load Session, it will not include the extra tabs².

    There is a plugin called Session Manager that may have more features of use to you: go to the Plugins menu, Plugins Admin entry, and install Session Manager. I don’t use named sessions much, so I don’t know all the features of that plugin, but if you’re regularly using sessions, I’ve heard it’s a good improvement.


    1. Official sessions docs @ . As of 2020-Dec-02, the version of the session docs is rather scant. There is an improvement coming soon, which can be viewed on github while waiting for it to be published.

    2. Caveat: when you File > Load Session…, it will add all the tabs from the session file to the current instance of Notepad++: it doesn’t automatically close other files, so you may have to File > Close All if you only want the session’s tabs open and don’t want other tabs to stay open.

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