Why is it so hard to deploy Notepad++ in an enterprise environment?

    • I want to silently install Notepad++.
    • I want to be able to configure the proxy setting when deploying. (Ideally it should use the proxy of Internet Explorer since we use Auto-detect and sometimes we don’t use the proxy)
    • I want users to be able to install plugins without having to be admins.

    Only the first point I can do. I also found some useful info here:

    But why in gods name does this have to be this complicated?
    Unfortunately the info in the link does not seem to work for me. (It does work, but when I install a plugin when I have the doLocalConf.xml file, it gives me a Hash mismatch error)

    My 2 questions:

    • How do I configure the proxy? Where is this setting saved? (File? Registry?)
    • How do I give users without admin rights the permission to install plugins?

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