A Windows 10 update assaulted me, Notepad++ stood by silently

  • After a recent Windows 10 update, key folder paths changed. Folders that were of form
    now appear (in Windows Explorer, etc.) as
    Notice new 3rd name in path. I won’t discuss this Win10 & OneDrive specific issue any further here unless someone is interested.

    The first problem I encountered after the update was when I launched Notepad++, and only a (small) subset of the files specified in session.xml loaded, as the others had paths that had become invalid. Upon launch, npp did not issue any error or warning; it loaded what it could. Thinking there was an issue specific to npp (or maybe to SessMgr plug-in), I chased wild geese for a while before I realized that globally the path to Documents had changed.

    I believe this is a known behaviour, and I left a comment under [“Sessions Are Overwritten When Files Are Innacessible” #4061
    https://github.com/notepad-plus-plus/notepad-plus-plus/issues/4061](link url)
    including discussion of some strategies npp might adopt when it encounters invalid file paths while restoring a session.

    I was able to recover thanks to the session file backup maintained by Session Manager plug-in, and my confidence in using (old) Notepad to edit session.xml.

    I’m posting here in case people are interested in this issue and could maybe add to the discussion (probably in github), or lobby npp developers to take notice, or compliment the click-baity title.

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