Notepad++ v7.9.2 Release Candidate 2

  • Notepad++ v7.9.2 Release Candidate 2
    Fix 2 issues from RC:

    1. A regression of URL double click under some situation
    2. Make installer override all the function list files on the installation

    Download v7.9.2 RC 2:

    Notepad++ v7.9.2 change log:

    1. Fix regression of auto-Indent. (Fix #9113)
    2. Add custom URI schemes ability. (Fix #9155)
    3. Improve URL parser: fix apostrophe in an URL issue. (Fix #9031)
    4. Add context menu with “Copy link” ability. (Implement #2435)
    5. Add color samples on menu items for styling features. (Fix #8983)
    6. Add “-settingsDir” argument for overriding default settings path. (implement #4696)
    7. Fix crash while exit command issued by plugin. (Fix #9082)
    8. Fix several bugs of PHP parser rule for function list. (Fix #3321, #5045, #4627, #4606, #8855, #4208, #981, #2522, #1103, #4712, #3560, #5150, #4606)
    9. Move “Normal Text” to top in Languages Menu. (Implement #7746, #8277)
    10. Add new API NPPM_GETSETTINGSONCLOUDPATH for plugins. (Implement #9168)
    11. Add an option for displaying constant line number width. (Implement #5670)
    12. Fix function list is empty with new user profile in the same PC issue. (Fix #9134)
    13. Fix single-quoted string being badly recognized as attribute value in XML. (Fix #3403)
    14. Fix docked panels appear with “-nosession” cmd line parameters. (Fix #8005)
    15. Improve text selection after Replace All In Selection operation. (Fix #9270)
    16. Add the number of total documents on windows dialog’s title bar. (Implement #8338)
    17. Fix scroll to last line problem after main window resizing. (Fix #9123)
    18. Fix Plugin admin display UTF-8 issue in its description. (Fix #9266)
    19. Fix Search result’s text direction (RTL) not always synchronized with main edit zone’s one issue. (Fix #9241)
    20. Fix dockable panels display issue in RTL direction. (Fix #9241)
    21. Fix Search result line number highlighting inaccurate issue. (Fix #9224)
    22. Make “Line” preceding each line number on Search Results translatable. (Fix #9224)
    23. Fix menu check marks not being removed after closing “Clipboard History” and “Character Panel” panels. (Fix #9216)
    24. Fix command line arguments -p, -n & -c negative value’s undefined behaviour. (Fix #9146)
    25. Add new Margin/Border/Edge sub-page in Preferences. (Implement #8896)
    26. Fix find in files failure issue due to directory path with leading/trailing spaces. (Fix #9199)
    27. Fix folder icon display issue in “Folder as Workspace” after “Expand/Collapse All”. (Fix #8912)
    28. Make “Clipboard History” and “Character Panel” togglable. (Fix #9094, #9078)
    29. Fix Find in found results dialog launch failure after macro execution. (Fix #8199)
    30. Disallow Goto dlg offset option from moving to position inside multi-byte char or between CR and LF. (Fix #9101, #9125)
    31. Fix “Go to…” dialog wrong Offset value in empty files. (Fix #9145)
    32. Prevent corruption possibility when using -p command line parameter in a UTF file. (Fix #9142)
    33. Improve indent guidelines on non-brace control block languages. (Fix #9137)
    34. Prevent names of untitled tabs from duplication. (Fix #9119)
    35. Add tooltips for Folder as Workspace 3 commands. (Fix #8325)
    36. Fix “SCI_NEWLINE” inside a macro not working issue. (Fix #5571)
    37. Fix bug where search-results won’t open ‘new 1’ file. (Fix #8461, #9098)
    38. Fix tab close button remain pushed issue. (Fix #7750)
    39. Enhance ghost typing command line argument feature - using white space directly instead of %20. (Commit)

  • @donho

    I confirm that the issues regarding the URL parser, which I reported for the 7.9.2 RC release, have been successfully fixed.

    Thank you all. Have a great and happy new year!

  • @donho

    I confirm that the problem with the function list files have been successfully resolved.

    Thank you very much. I also wish you a great and happy new year!

  • @donho and all

    One question regarding fix #2 “Make installer override all the function list files on the installation”: When I look at the related commit it seems like the file overrideMap.xml will be overwritten as well when Notepad++ is updated. This would destroy user customizations of this file. IMO this should be avoided. What do you think?

  • @dinkumoil

    User should override %PROGRAMFILES%\Notepad++\functionList\overrideMap.xml by using %APPDATA%\Notepad++\functionList\overrideMap.xml, but well, it’s done:

    The behaviour will come with v7.9.2 official release.

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