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  • Hello everybody,
    this is basically a bump for this last year topic:

    I’m coming from PsPad and I’m missing “find in project” function (while in Pspad I’m missing regex in find in files)

    Is there a plan or plugin or workaround for this function in Notepad++?

    Thank you very much

  • You may find that the “Open File in Solution” plug-in will handle your “find in project” needs. you can find it here:

  • @Jim-Dailey
    Thank you Jim! Sorry for the late reply but didn’t get any notification.

    I read everythink twice, installed the plugins and understood NOTHING about what they are for.
    What’s a “Solution”?
    Where am I supposed to launch a search?

  • @Vittorio-Zamparella

    A solution is just another way of referring to a project (that is, the files that you care about editing).

    You have to create a solution using the SolutionHub UI. The SolutionHub UI section of the link I posted explains how to create a solution. Once you have done so, and you have created a connection to OFIS in the solution (the link explains how), you can search for files in the solution by name (optionally by the entire path and name).

    I cannot remember if the plug-in creates a hotkey or if I used the NPP UI to create one. Anyway, I type Alt-O to open the “Open File in Solution” dialog box. You can also get to the dialog from the NPP menu:

    Plugins–>Open File In Solution–>OFIS - Show

    You can get help on how to use the OFIS dialog from the NPP menu:

    Plugins–>Open File In Solution–>OFIS - Help

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