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  • To say, I absolutely love to code in Notepad++, would be an understatement. At my current job in one of the Multinational company in Peoria, Illinois, I use Notepad++ daily. I am a big fan, proponent and advocate of Notepad++ at work, where I regularly teach my colleagues several tips and tricks to become proficient at Notepad++. In many cases, the people I am teaching these tricks are way better programmers than me, but they often struggle with the actual text editor/IDE to really take full advantage of the tool. I put it this way, they struggle to “Code at the Speed of Thoughts” - or what we call Zen Coding.

    Over the years, I have developed fairly advanced knowledge of Notepad++ (and dare I say expertise). You can see that from my Superuser account which has a score 1084, predominantly from helping users around the world in Notepad++ (The score is not by any means huge, but it is just a breaktime hobby during my full time job!) (

    So, coming to the actual point, I was always disappointed at the quality of Notepad++ tutorials/tips and tricks available on YouTube. There are many videos but there are all over the place, and there are very few channels that are dedicated to learning Notepad++.

    So, after considering to start a YouTube channel that is specifically dedicated to Notepad++ for many years, and putting it aside, I have finally started a YouTube Channel specifically designed to learn/master Notepad++.

    NotepadPlusPlus PRO

    I have put a quite a bit of content on it (as of January 2021, 36 videos), all of them demonstrating useful features in Notepad++. And I am planning to add many more in upcoming months. (Sorry for the shameless plug). The goal of this channel is not to teach how to code, but to teach how to take advantage of Notepad++ to the fullest, to become better coder in any programming language.

    I am sharing here not just to promote the channel, but really asking your feedback/comments/review/support to this channel.

    Can you please consider reviewing this channel and please give me some feedback, of how I can improve it so that we can promote the use of Notepad++, one of the best Source Code Editor in the world.


    1. Please review some videos, leave a comment to improve the quality or clarity of videos.
    2. Please suggest me any topics that you would love to see Notepad++ videos on.
    3. Please share with others, and subscribe! (sorry, if it sounds like a self-promotion, may be it is.)
    4. Collaborate with me, if you would like to add/share any videos.

    Thank you for reading. Really appreciate it.

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