How-To Backup to custom Sub-Directory?

  • Absent a specified “Custom Backup Directory” NPP will write a simple backup to the current directory, and a verbose backup to .\nppBackup.
    The subdir name “nppBackup” is HARDCODED (??!??) at line 1527 of NppIO.cpp v.7.7.1

    How can i get NPP to write a simple backup to the .\nppBackup directory?
    How can i get it to write simple or verbose backups to a custom sub-directory, eg. .\MyBack ?

    I can type in to the “Custom Backup Directory” - something like .\MyBack, but when i Save i get an error pop-up like TEXT("The previous version of the file could not be saved into the backup directory at “$STR_REPLACE$”.\r\rDo you want to save the current file anyways

    It looks like the “Custom Backup Directory” needs to be a fully qualified directory name (after any environmental params are expanded) and not a lonely subdir name.

    It seems that at Nppio.cpp line 1512 if the fn_bak starts with a “.” then the current file’s directory should be applied, similar to line 1521.

    Is there a clever alternative to get what i want?

  • @Gen-Utility said in How-To Backup to custom Sub-Directory?:

    Is there a clever alternative to get what i want?

    I don’t believe so.
    Developers designed the feature how they believed it would be most useful to users.
    In 5+ years of “watching” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a similar complaint/desire.
    But surely you can ask that your desired functionality be implemented.
    See the FAQ entry on making a feature request.

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