I have a problem.

  • I disagree with the phrase “Software is like sex, it’s better when it’s free.” It is such a stupid phrase when seen in my point of view, a 21-year-old prostitute. Your views disappoint me notepad++ and I really wish you could remove this phrase so I can download this program without being mildly annoyed.

  • @Pluto ,

    I am sure there are others who agree with you, and others who disagree with you.

    In Nov 2018, the developer removed that quote. Then in Oct 2019, he added it back in.

    Personally, I don’t see why he’s including such quotes in the installer at all, and would prefer he left them out altogether – though since I mostly use the portable version, I don’t notice installer “branding” quotes. But the developer likes including such things – he’s historically included that sort of quote throughout Notepad++: in the installer, in the hidden inspirational quotes, and even in the online manual – along with his political dedications in certain versions. But obviously, he is never convinced for long to stop exercising his right to free speech which his government has granted him.

    Whether or not I agree with all his quotes or his decisions to include political dedications in his software, it is his software, and he is allowed to make it do what he wants. And since I like the software so much, I continue to use it.

    I really wish you could remove this phrase

    You seem to be under the common misunderstanding that this forum is the way to contact the developer and the volunteers who help him, to ask for features or fixes: it is not.

    As the Forum’s name name says quite plainly, this is the Community for Notepad++ users. Occasionally, the developer will come and make an announcement, or follow up to a topic that has been explicitly pointed out to him via other means, but he doesn’t regularly visit or read posts here, AFAIK. Some of the other volunteers are here more regularly, but they follow the rule that discussion in the forum is just that – discussion. If you want to make a feature request, or request that something in the codebase get changed, and if you want it to be noticed, you will need to look for the Forum’s FAQ, which explains where to make official feature requests and bug reports.

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