Sort tabs by creation date

  • Hi team,

    I have been using notepad++ for some time now. The issue was noticed from very first update I installed where all my tabs were jumbled between different tabs after an update.
    I install these updates believing they might help with new features and bug fixes, however it creates this issue every time I install an update. I have to forget all my recent tabs and continue with what I have.

    Any one has any suggestions ?

  • @Ashil-Krishnan ,

    I am surprised that doing an update of Notepad++ kept your active session but changed the tab order – I would have thought if it kept sessions.xml session.xml that the order would not be affected.

    The Window menu’s Windows… entry has some capability of sorting the tabs – you can click on the title bar for each of the columns to sort that list by that column, then click on Sort Tabs to make the tabs in the editor follow the order listed in the dialog box. But that only has Name, Path, Type, and Size, no date. You could follow the instructions in the FAQ to ask that the developers add the Last Modified Time 🛈 as a column in the Window > Windows… document list dialog, so that sorting by time could be accomplished easier. If you do submit a feature request, be sure to paste a link to that request here, so that we can easily find the status from here.

    But that may take some time to be implemented and released (if ever). So, as a workaround:

    The auto-sort-tabs script in @Alan-Kilborn’s post in “Auto sort tabs (real-time)” could be modified to sort by file date, rather than alphabetically (the post I linked to, near the end of that topic, has improvements that were made, so would be the best starting point for your modifications).

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