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  • Hello.
    I have a question:
    How can I restore the display order of the strings to the original developer format? Cause once modified it cannot be restored

  • @Nicola-Vento

    You start by elaborating more about what you’re asking.

    To me it sounds like you just want to Undo (Ctrl+z) one or more times, but it feels like there will be more to the story than that…

  • I have a Notepad ++ sheet with an initial order, the one provided by the developer. If I change the order by entering the alphabetic mode and save the sheet, can I be able to return to the old string order?

  • @Nicola-Vento

    Sorry, I still don’t know what basically anything you’ve said means. :-(
    Maybe someone else will…

  • This post is deleted!

  • I’m working on Notepad for a game translation. Each string represents a line of text. The localization original version has strings sorted in a certain way. When I act to change the order of the strings (for ex. in alphabetical order) if I save the file and reopen it I no longer have the possibility to restore the strings order to the original one. The question is: is there a way to return to the original strings order?

    Alternatively, is there a way to know the string ordering of the original file so that I can put it in the edited file?

  • @Nicola-Vento

    Ah, okay, that finally makes some sense. Thank you for clarifying.

    The answer is No, once you close a file and then later reopen it, there is no history of changes.

    You could always keep a copy of the original file in order to refer to the original line ordering later.

  • @Nicola-Vento said in Original String Order:

    Alternatively, is there a way to know the string ordering of the original file so that I can put it in the edited file?

    There is one thing you could do, although that means adding text to the file whilst editing it. You could add the original line number to each line, then move that to the end of each line. Then when ordering it alphabetically the number would not interfere with the new ordering. Once editing is complete you could move that number back to the start of the line, re-order based on the number and then remove the number.

    This is achieved through the “Column Editor” function. You would have the cursor in the very first position of the file, use the Column editor to add a number, starting at 1, adding 1, no repeat and have the “leading zeros” ticked. Then use a regex (regular expression) to move that number to the end of each line. Continue with your editing.

    Lastly move the number back to the start of each line using another regex, order by number and then a final regex to remove the number.


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