TextFX replacement

  • What would be the easiest way to upgrade from a 32-bit NPP to a 64-bit, including:

    • All settings
    • All installed plugins (if available in 64-bit versions)
    • All plugin settings
    • Replacements for 32-bit-only plugins

    Currently, the 32-bit-only plugins that I use are Linefilter2 and TextFX.
    TextFX is used mostly for sorting a selection of lines (case-insensitive, removing duplicates), changing word case, and for word counting (which gives me more accurate results than the built-in command)

    Thank you.

  • I use that plugin too.
    We can try contacting the author of TextFX and asking for a 64-bit build.
    Or if that’s not an option, a fork on GitHub can be made, providing both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

  • Line actions are now also part of the regular NPP edit menu, so no need to use TextFX, see edit => line operations.
    Changing the case can be done using the short-cuts “Ctrl+Shift+U” or “Ctrl+U”.
    Hope this helps.

  • @alexolog said in TextFX replacement:

    Currently, the 32-bit-only plugins that I use are Linefilter2

    I see a Linefilter3 in my 64-bit Notepad++ - is that completely different or a new / updated version for 64-bit?



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