Installation on shared computer

  • So I’m curious what the best way to install Notepad++ on a computer where it will be shared with between multiple users.

    The main issue that spurs this post is the Style Configurator. I’d like to set it up so that every user uses the Zenburn style (this is for a teaching in a classroom, so consistency is key.

    The first thing I notice is when I install from the administrator account using the %appdata% setting, the styles are only available to the administrator and not the other local users.

    So then I thought, I’ll install to C:\notepad++\ directory and not use the %appdata% option. This works great! I was able to set the default style as ZenBurn when logged in as administrator and when I logged in as a second account and launched notepad++ the style was ZenBurn! Woo Hoo!

    Ok. Excitement short lived when I then realized two things…users now had control over global settings…which means students could change the style and it would effect all. The second thing I realized is that there is at that point a security risk of all the files opened up in Notepad++ get a backup created in a directory accessible by all.

    So really the %appdata% install is the way to go, but how do I install so ZenBurn is the default style for every user? I’m realizing that is actually my quest and will probably start searching for that answer…but I’ve already typed all this out, so I’ll post it anyways just in case someone can quickly point me in the right direction now that I have framed things out ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  • I came up with a solution, so I thought I’d share.

    Copying the folder from the administrative account:

    To this directory:

    I also put the Zenburn.xml theme right into the C:\

    Then I edited this file:

    On line 44:
    <GUIConfig name=“stylerTheme” path=“c:\Zenburn.xml” />

    When I logged in for the first time as the new user, Windows pulled the %AppData%\Notepad++ for the new account from the folder in the Default user directory.

    When I launched Notepad++, bam…Zenburn was the default theme.

    So the other users can change their theme…and that’s fine with me. Just want them all to start out on the same page and then personalize themselves. I use Zenburn, so that’s where I want them default to.

    Hope this helps someone else down the road…or even myself when I forget how I did it three years from now ;)

  • @Jim-Van-Fleet

    Were you starting with the “portable” version of Notepad++?
    I’m not sure it is relevant, but what you’ve discussed makes me remember an issue concerning the portable version and the path to theme files needing to have a hard-path (exactly what you’ve done).
    Again, not sure it is germane to your situation…

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