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  • I appear to have two forum accounts. I would not normally care. But the accounts here use our real names. And I would like to clear this up. The older account is not associated with my federated logon. And I assume I’ll just create more duplicates if I test the other providers.

    Is there an administrator that can work with me via E-mail?


  • @Michael-Mientus-0 ,

    From the Logging In FAQ:


    If you start the login process from the wrong OAuth provider, it will create a new account here in the forum.

    So presumably you started the login from two different OAuth providers, thus creating the second account.

    However, if you login with your original/existing OAuth provider first, then go to Edit Profile, the “Single Sign-On Services”, you can associate your single Notepad++ Community Forum with each of the OAuth providers.

    So if you do this for all of Facebook, Google, Twitter, and GitHub, then you can ensure that whichever of the buttons you click, you will log into the same master account.

    You said,

    But the accounts here use our real names.

    Only if the OAuth provider’s profile also used your real name. And only if you don’t edit your forum profile to change your name (I removed the space from mine)

    While trying each, you might get an error message that it cannot attach to one of them, because it’s associated with another account… which would then tell you where the offending account was from.

    Is there an administrator that can work with me via E-mail?

    @guy038 is the most active of the moderators. But I don’t know if he is able to edit/delete accounts – though he can see more account details than a normal member like me, so he might be at least able to tell you whether the other account was FB, G, T, or GH. Now that I’ve @-mentioned him, he will likely send you a private chat (see the speech-bubble icon on the forum toolbar) or otherwise contact you privately.

  • I had the same problem! It’s a pity, this forum doesn’t allow an email login.
    Ensure, you have associated your account with some service in settings. Maybe, associate with several accounts.
    If it’s really critical, you might try contacting NodeBB support or try sending Don a private message.

  • Thanks for this information.

    There are a few things I can try.

    he might be at least able to tell you whether the other account was FB, G, T, or GH.

    It would be helpful if I knew the domain associated with the original account. For example, it might be from an old job.

  • I’ve gotten an E-mail from someone who has my account details. They’ve offered to remove my old account. I’ll write and say how things turn out.

  • The admin deleted my old account. And I’ve renamed myself using the control panel:

    My issue is resolved.

    In the future, someone would have to create a similar forum thread to get help.

    In my case, my old account had my name and no activity associated with it. So, it was an easy call to delete it.

    My problem came because I’ve cut ties with Facebook. So, if you’re likely to do the same, you might come here first and associate your forum account with a new ID provider. Then you can leave the old provider.

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