blocking the tab from closing

  • add the function of blocking the tab from closing, thanks

  • @Яриніч-Сергій ,

    Closing tabs is an important feature of Notepad++, and the developers are not going to stop the tab from closing.

    Are you finding it too easy to close, so you accidentally close the tabs? How is the accidental tab-closing happening? Is it because you’re hitting the shortcut key? – then use Shortcut Mapper to disable (or change) the keyboard shortcut for File > Close. Is it because you are right-clicking on the tab and choosing Close? – that’s too complicated to happen accidentally, so if you’re trying to do something else in the right-click menu, just be careful where you click. Are you accidentally hitting the ☒ on the tab? – then toggle the Settings > Preferences > General > Tab Bar > ☐ Show a close button on each tab off, so that the ☒ isn’t there.

  • I open a lot of tabs, and then I close everything with a group, and I thought to fix one so that I would not close it until I unfasten it, as everything except the fixed ones is closed in chrome

  • @Яриніч-Сергій ,

    I guess that makes sense.

    if your “group” is all to the right of the not-close tab, you might be able to use Right Click > Close All to the Right, for example.

    If that’s not sufficient, you may feel free to look at the FAQ section and follow the FAQ for making a feature request… but you’ll have to make sure you explain your desired feature well enough that they understand what you really mean. And understand that not all feature requests are implemented.

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