Difference between the 7zip and zip versions?

  • So ive become pretty partial to using softwares in portable versions which are ran from a folder I sync with my dropbox. This is no exception and ive been using it for quite some time with a small batch to back up modifications which wont persist otherwise.

    (+1 for an updater that works around the aforementioned :P)

    That all being said, twice ive had the update fail and explode my “install” I panicked as themes were back to default, sessions were gone etc etc. Even copying the files from my backup folder again seemed to do nothing to resolve it.

    What turned out to be the issue was extracting the 7zip version instead of the zip version. Both times I had forgotten and downloaded the zip version instead.

    What I am after is why on earth would this make a difference? I have to assume the only change is the compression method so after extraction to the install folder, the files should be the same and thus my backed up files from the prior install (xmls) should function the same.

    Whats going on here?

  • @klepp0906 said in Difference between the 7zip and zip versions?:

    Whats going on here?


    I compared the 7z and zip versions for 7.9.5, both 32-bit and 64-bit.
    The contents are exactly the same in each case.

    I didn’t think it was worth it to check earlier versions.

  • @Alan-Kilborn hash match n all? dont understand it. will have to keep playing around and see i suppose. for now im “locked-in” to downloading the 7z variant lol.

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