Shortcut to begin/start block

  • I am using a screen reader for blind.
    I need a keyboard shortcut to quickly select “Begin/end block” (without mouse).

  • @Giuliano-Artico said in Shortcut to begin/start block:

    I need a keyboard shortcut to quickly select “Begin/end block”

    You can set up any shortcut you like for it in the Shortcut Mapper.

  • I’m happy to learn that. Unfortunately the shortcut mapper doesn’t respond to keyboard commands when the screen reader (Jaws) is active. Indeed it looks not to memorize commands when I press keys.
    May be I’m doing some mistake…
    Thanks in advance for any possible hint!

  • @Giuliano-Artico

    I think I’ve heard in the past that the Shortcut Mapper has problems with screen readers. Sorry about that. It may have something to do with the klunky grid control that Notepad++ uses for the Shortcut Mapper display.

    If you had a keycombo in mind, if it doesn’t conflict with something else, we could tell you the magic line to put in a file to make it work, without having to go through the Shortcut Mapper.

    I like to use Ctrl+b for it, but by default that is mapped to something else. How about Shift+Ctrl+b for you?

  • I update my previous comment for the benefit of any interested parties.
    After several unsuccessful attempts with the keyboard, I was finally able to obtain the macro to set “Start/End Block” me with the help of a sighted person: in
    fact the operations in question (access to the contextual menu and choice of the voice) are recorded only if performed with the mouse and not with the
    keyboard. If this were an effect of the presence of the screen reader, I don’t know how to overcome it.

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