Request: Add higher resolution of Notepad++'s standard icon set

  • @donho

    I prefer to use Notepad++'s standard icon set for its look and color. However, there is no large set of standard icons available.

    So I would like to request to add a large set of the standard icons to Notepad++.

    Checking through the contents of the Notepad++ binary I found, that the standard icon set is saved in the BMP format, while the other icon sets are saved in the ICO format, except for four PNG images.

    Wouldn’t it be preferable to have all icon sets be available in the PNG format to save space?

  • @deus-ex

    You will have to be more explicit. Which icons are you talking about? And which version of Notepad++?

    For example, through Notepad++ v7.9.5, the toolbar icons did have small and large available. In v8.0, the Developers decided to provide both small and large for the Fluent icons, but only small for the “Standard” icons (my guess as to the reason is that they are trying to move people toward the Fluent option, so they don’t have to support 3-4 icon sets going forward).

  • @PeterJones

    I’m using NP++ v8.00 RC1 and NP++ v7.95 as a backup.

    I wrote that I like the “standard icon set”, which I prefer for its look and color. This icon set goes by the name “standard” and is the only one using colors, the others are all black only. :-)


    This particular icon set has been available in a small edition ever since.

  • I have raised a request on GitHub: link text

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