Changing the way replace works?

  • Hi. I’ve been a long time user of EditPad Pro, but I recently got Notepad++ because of the great JSON formatting it can do via plugin. However, one thing drives me batty. The search and replace is terrible. In EditPad, I hit the search and get an interface like this:

    It is like a textarea rather than a textbox. Allows me to easily search and replace multiline, like in the pictured example. In NPP, I just have a single textbox for the replace function. Is there any way to get EditPad’s style replace?


  • @Bill-Hartsford

    It probably greatly depends upon the user, but after long experience with Notepad++, I for one don’t do many multiline searches for literal text. So I don’t find this a necessary feature.

    However, it is still possible to do this type of search, if you copy in the multiline data from another source. You can paste it into the Find what box that way. Not Replace with however.

    If I remember correctly though, the ToolBucket plugin offers multiline search and replace, similar to what your screenshot shows.

  • @Alan-Kilborn said in Changing the way replace works?:

    You can paste it into the Find what box that way.

    Actually this is wrong (sorry). You can’t paste it in. What you can do is select it as multiline text in Notepad++ and press Ctrl+f. Then the multiline data will go into the Find what box. It doesn’t really look like multiline data, but it is.

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