• Hello
    is there a way for notepad ++ to allow me to edit in the WYSIWYG interface and display/toggle the HTML Tags somehow?

    I Need a way to write and format several documents and then convert it to HTML so I can post into a webpage and preserve the formatting

    thanks in advance!


  • @Gary-Henry

    The “best” you can do is to tell Notepad++ to run your browser and open the current file. See View menu > View Current File in > …

  • @Gary-Henry ,

    Notepad++ is a text editor, not a WYSIWYG HTML editor.

    Aside from View Current File In that Alan suggested, there are also “preview” plugins available. I use both “Preview HTML” and MarkdownViewer++, both of which will take HTML which is in the active editor tab and display it in a “preview pane” inside Notepad++ (MarkdownViewer++ has the benefit that it also works with Markdown files, and if you set up to use an external X-to-HTML converter, can do other rendered files). Using those plugins is not truly WYSIWYG, but it’s about as close as Notepad++ comes.

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