Folder as Workspace (Problems)

  • Got a new machine, installed Notepad++, but it wasn’t working like it did on my old laptop, in that when you use the window ‘Folder as Workspace’, and then open a directory (folder) - the background goes white with the selected files and folders remaining white on black: very disconcerting.

    This issue has been resolved, and is placed here as a guide to others.

    History: after much fluffing about with a great many themes, and also copying (verbatim), all of my old files over to the new machine - the problem still persists.

    So I turned to Google, with a search string constructed as follows.
    “notepad++ folder as workspace goes white”
    The very first hit was from 2016, as in:-

    Incorrect Folder As Workspace background color · Issue … http s :// github. com › notepad-plus-plus › issues
    24 Aug 2016 — The white background. Debug Information. Notepad++ v6.9.2. Build time : May 18 2016 - 00:34:05. Path : C:\Program Files …
    The heading was as follows, …
    “Incorrect Folder As Workspace background color #2202”

    This issue on Github was closed, and the advice was to move it to the forums, but if it has been moved to here: then I can’t find it.

    On Google, I also couldn’t find any resolution of this weird background color going white in the (Folder as Workspace), but only when a File Explorer window is opened, but I also kinda’ figured that it’s not a Notepad++ issue. It’s also not an issue that affects many people either, but you never know: it might well be linked into the (Workspace) window not being updated, but being as I can’t replicate that one, then I’ll leave the floor open so to speak.

    The unwanted white background solution is thus, …

    Open the Microsoft (spit!) Windows File Explorer, …
    Make sure that that horrid Ribbon is showing.
    (Select) the first [File] Menu.
    Go along to [OPTIONS] at the end.
    “Lock” any 3rd party toolbars [in place]

    On my machine I’ve installed the Text-Aloud Txt2Speech reader, (which adds extra toolbars all over), but after locking that one in place, (a technical term), it then resulted in the file explorer in Notepad++, remaining black throughout any open file operations that I might do in the editor.

    Hope it helps.

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