Optimization for large files

  • is it possible to optimise notepad++ so that it can be opened, edited and saved quickly?

    files that are over 1 gb in size stretch like slice cheese when edited in any form. otherwise, notepad++ is the best program in its category that i have ever seen. I did some research and found a paid program that I tested that can open files as large as 20gb in a few seconds and edit them at the same time without hanging or stalling, and save the changes at blazing speed. this is what i would personally like to see for notepad++ the programme is called EmEditor and can be found on google. this is not meant to be an advertisement or anything like that, just a question as to whether notepad could be further optimised in this way.

    if this request is not in accordance with the rules please delete the thread thank you

  • @Daniel-B said in Optimization for large files:

    if this request is not in accordance with the rules please delete the thread thank you

    No rules…but when you request it here it won’t be seen by anyone that could change it.

    See HERE for how to formally make a feature request.

  • @Alan-Kilborn thanks for your fast answer! :)

  • Have you tried this plugin ?

  • Possible, maybe.
    Likely, no!

    Applications that handle huge files are designed for that specific goal and there are lots of tradeoffs to be made in the design. The majority of Notepad++ users are developers that deal with files well under 1MB. Many of them depend on plugins that interact with Notepad++ and Scintilla in a pretty direct (non-abstract) way. Redesigning Notepad++ and Scintilla to handle huge files quickly will almost surely break many of these plugins and hurt a much larger portion of Notepad++ users than the people who want to open huge files.

    Your need is real but the solution should be to find the right tool for the job rather than expecting the wrong tool to evolve.

    BTW, there is also a very big difference between viewing a huge file and editing a huge file. There are lots of good viewers and fewer good editors. Huge files are always auto-generated (typically logs) what is the point of editing them? When I dealt with such the concept was usually to find the area of interest and trim 1M lines into 10K lines of interest that Notepad++ handles easily.

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