Can I make a User Defined Language that gives functionality similar to Workflowy?

  • I like Workflowy, but I love Notepad++ It would be wonderful to get everything I like/love all under one roof.

  • @Lee-Fischman ,

    Since we Notepad++ users in a Notepad++ forum cannot be expected to know every other program that exists, could you please be more descriptive of what you want, without requiring us to have prior knowledge of whatever “Workflowy” is?

  • Hi Peter,

    Workflowy is a “fractal” text editor that permits (almost) endless bullet indentions.

  • @Lee-Fischman ,

    The UDL was not designed to allow indentation for code folding – it only allows keyword-based code folding.
    To get indentation-based code-folding, you would have to write a lexer plugin for Notepad++.

    If there are any other features of Workflowy that you want to know if they are possible to replicate in Notepad++'s UDL system, you will have to describe it in more detail than “can it be like Workflowy”, because as I said four months ago, we aren’t experts in Workflowy, and only you know which features of Workflowy you would like to have in Notepad++.

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