1. Open a text file with url (like
    2. double clicking the url will open the link in a browser
    3. change the global font thro “style configurator”
    4. double click won’t open the same link. it will work if close the text file and reopen.

  • Hello hdorairaj,

    Yes, I could reproduce the bug! I wouldn’t say that’s an important issue, because you need to open, first, the Style Configurator panel, that is not a common action, anyway :-)

    You don’t even need to close/restart N++ to get back the active link. Moreover, it doesn’t have any relation with the global font, too.

    Briefly, after opening the Style Configurator…, any simple action, as selecting an other language, in the left part of the dialogue , breaks the link property of the text

    If a second file is opened in your N++'s session, you can restore the active link, just switching to this file, then, switching back to your test file :-)

    Best regards,


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