[Version 8.1] Impossible to save a temporary file when a directory was selected when saving another temporary file

  • Hello,

    I use Notepad++ as copy/paste quick notes without saving the file on disk.

    Sometimes, I save many temporary files at once.

    In that context, I found a bug.

    When I save a first file, selecting a specific directory, if I try to save another file, I can’t edit the filename.

    And if I click on backspace on the filename, I go up in the directories structures. It seems the focus is not on the file name but on the directory tree.

    Is it a known bug ?



  • @dany-isenguerre Little precision: the bug appears when I try to change the target directory for the second file. If I remain in the same directory or paste a name in the filename field, it works.

  • @dany-isenguerre ,

    It works for me.

    Either I have misunderstood your sequence of events, or you need to describe in more detail exactly what you are doing.

    1. Create new1 and new2
    2. Save All (Ctrl+Shift+S by default)
    3. When it prompts to save new1, select first directory, click in file name box and type name, and save
    4. When it prompts to save new2, select second directory, click in file name box and type name, and save
    5. All files saved – it works for me.

    edit: BTW, congratulations on wanting to save temporary files instead of leaving them as new1 forever.
    My animated screenshot was done with the app from screentogif.com, if you want to record something similar. Unlike normal gifs, animated cannot be pasted directly in the forum, so you will have to upload to a server like imgur and embed it using syntax like ![](https://i.imgur.com/kPcpXP8.gif)

  • @dany-isenguerre said in [Version 8.1] Impossible to save a temporary file when a directory was selected when saving another temporary file:

    And if I click on backspace on the filename, I go up in the directories structures. It seems the focus is not on the file name but on the directory tree.

    Re-reading this sentence, I can replicate your results if I never click in the file name box – that is, on the second file, I use either the title bar or the treeview to change directories, then forget to click in the file name box, then and only then, if I type characters (like a backspace, or just start typing the name), it tries to navigate the directory structure rather than typing the name.

    And my response to this is “of course it works that way”: the last focus selection I made was in the directory tree control. Without clicking or otherwise changing focus (with hitting tab key, or the alt+whatever accelerator key to change to a specific field), why would anyone expect the focus to be in anything except the last control to have focus? That’s not a bug, that’s the way Windows works.

    But, after selecting the directory for the second file, if I change the focus to the File Name entry field in any way (Tab key until the focus is there, or alt+n for the “_n_” in “File _n_ame”, or clicking in the entry box), then when I start typing (backspace or characters), it properly types.

    So if I don’t change the focus from the directory-selector, then of course I cannot start typing the file name; if I do change the focus from the directory-selector, then I can type the filename without difficulty. So it still works as expected for me.

  • @PeterJones
    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for you check.

    I though I became crazy because the bug disappeared yesterday after your answer. I was able to save my files.

    But it came back today.

    I will try to understand what are the common way of doing to produce it.

    I think it happens when I change the directory and paste the filename from clipboard.

    But not systematically.

    I’ll search and come back to you as soon as I find.



  • @dany-isenguerre Additional information: I’m able to change the file name before changing the directory, not after. I tried it to save my file, but I discovered the save button doesn’t work anymore once I changed the directory.

    I don’t know if it could have an impact, but I created a macro last week and assigned the <alt><ctrl><shift>S combination to it. It’s very close to the save shortcuts.

  • @dany-isenguerre Hello, sorry to spam.

    I found a way to systematically produce the bug on my current session.

    I save a temporary file

    In the dialog, I change (or not) the file name.

    As soon as I change the directory of the top hierarchical navigation (Windows 10), C:\SVN\trunk\VSS\Product\Generic, the bug appears. My only escape then is to close the dialog.

    But I I use the left navigation tree when the dialog opens, it works.

    This is strange because you use the top hierarchical navigation too in your checks. I’ll investigate more.



  • Hello all,

    I found a way to reproduce the bug systematically on my computer

    When I create a new file and paste the clipboard in it, not saving it

    If this is the first file I want to save since I opened Notepad++, it works. In the saving dialog, I can navigate using the top hierarchy and the left tree, change/select the name and save the file.

    If there are other previously saved files, if I first go to one of these files and save it. When I come back to my temporary file I want to save now, the default directory changed to the existing file directory I just saved.

    In that case, if I use to top hierarchy to navigate, the bug appears (note: these directories use SVN and Tortoise and are 7 or 8 levels deep, would it be related ?), I can’t change the file name anymore and the “save” button is no more responding.

    Could you try ?

    I’ll check for Tortoise and directories depth.



  • @dany-isenguerre said in [Version 8.1] Impossible to save a temporary file when a directory was selected when saving another temporary file:

    Could you try ?

    My directory structure:


    My steps:

    1. Create file with text
    2. Save in FolderForFirstFile\ as alpha.txt
    3. Create a new file (new 1)
    4. Paste clipboard into the new 1 tab
    5. Go to alpha.txt tab, edit, and save
    6. Switch to new 1 tab`
    7. Save unsaved changes:
      • navigate to FolderForSecondFile\one\two\three\four\five\six\seven using the top bar to go up to the parent nppCommunity\ directory, then use the tree view to dig down into ...\seven\
      • click in File Name box
      • successfully type beta.txt
      • click save
      • file saves correctly

    I cannot replicate your problem.

  • I am having the same bug, except mine occurs randomly when I try to save any temporary file that was created during that session. It doesn’t matter if I saved anything before that, as this can occur on the first file save.

    When I go to save and choose the directory, I can’t edit the filename, backspace takes me up a directory level, and the save button does nothing (dialog stays open and nothing occurs).

    If I close Notepad++ and then reopen it the problem is resolved.

    This issue only started occurring after upgrading to Version 8.1.1. I am using the 64-bit version on Windows 10.

    Let me know if you need any additional information to help diagnose the issue.

  • @Eric-J-Katowitz ,

    Can you show your ? menu’s Debug Info – maybe the exact version of windows, or the way you are calling Notepad++, affects it… and Debug Info gives lots of helpful info. As I showed above in my replies to the original posts, I cannot replicate the problem in v8.1-64bit with Windows 10 version 1903 (build 18362.1256).

    Notepad++ v8.1   (64-bit)
    Build time : Jun 17 2021 - 01:56:07
    Path : C:\usr\local\apps\notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Command Line : 
    Admin mode : OFF
    Local Conf mode : ON
    Cloud Config : OFF
    OS Name : Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) 
    OS Version : 1903
    OS Build : 18362.1256
    Current ANSI codepage : 1252
    Plugins : ComparePlugin.dll ExtSettings.dll MarkdownViewerPlusPlus.dll mimeTools.dll NppConsole.dll NppConverter.dll NppEditorConfig.dll NppExec.dll NppExport.dll NppFTP.dll NppUISpy.dll PreviewHTML.dll PythonScript.dll QuickText.dll TagLEET.dll XMLTools.dll 

  • @Eric-J-Katowitz / @dany-isenguerre ,

    It looks like this problem has persisted into at least v8.1.1

    Can one of you that’s having difficulty with saving files see if the problem persists when using v8.1.2-RC?

  • It would be nice to see a video or at least the Debug Info.

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